York Shodokan Aikido is a non-profit organisation.  The funds received are there to pay rent, insurance and membership to SAUK and SAF mostly.  They are also used to purchase any equipment, first aid items and training courses.  None of the instructors draw a salary from the club and any spare funds are reinvested in the club.


The Constitution


Article 1The York Shodokan Aikido Club exists to teach Shodokan Aikido in and around York, UK.


Article 2The York Shodokan Aikido Club is affiliated to Shodokan Aikido UK (SAUK) and to the Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF), Japan.


The goal of the York Shodokan Aikido Club is to teach the authentic Aikido martial art as learned from Nariyama-shihan (SAF, Japan) and from the SAUK Rijikai.


Article 3The York Shodokan Aikido Club is a not-for profit voluntary association. None of the instructors draw a salary from the club funds. However, in some cases, training costs can be covered in full or in part to club members under the assumption that said training will benefit the club.


Article 4The York Shodokan Aikido Club is open to all adults (18yrs+), without exception.  We are open to all children from eight (8) years old to seventeen (17) in our kids club.  We do not discriminate on gender, skin colour, intellect, physical or mental disability, or length of hair.


Article 5A Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer run the York Shodokan Aikido Club.  In addition, several other roles exist within the club. An AGM is run once yearly where all role come for re-election.  Note that these roles have no impact whatsoever on the technical teaching in the club. The most senior Dan grade leads the club in this regard and is know as the technical lead.  Any changes to any of the committee's duties are done by vote at the AGM.


Article 6York Shodokan Aikido Club will ensure a duty of care to all its members by adopting and implementing the BAB's current safeguarding Policy and Procedures.


Article 7The non-exhaustive but necessary duties of each role within the club are defined below:


Chair: Rob Milliner

•    Implements recruitment drives

•    Makes sure all classes are covered by at least one instructor

•    Keeper of the club constitution


Treasure: Catharina-Viktoria Münster

•    Manages club accounts

•    Manages club and member insurances


Technical lead: Matthew Houlton
This is always the most senior grade, in this case Matthew Houlton (5th degree black belt).

•    Deals with all SAUK and SAF matters 

•    Provide leadership in teaching Shodokan Aikido 

•    Supports all instructors in their development 

•    Teaches!


Child Safety Officer: Mark Hutchinson

•    Liaise with the SAUK child safety officer

•    Provide a first port of call for any concerns with the juniors


Secretary: Rob Stephenson

•    Maintains club stationary, membership forms, grading book/certificates etc.


Internet officer: Rob Stephenson

   •    Maintains the club website, social media and email


Social officer: Emma Barnes

 •    Organises social events


Student Club Captain – Robin Ashwin

•    First port of call for all university students' queries

•    Organises the social aspect of the student club

•    Deals with the SU

•    Deals with the University


Articles 8The finances are controlled by the Treasurer. In addition the Chair has access to the bank account.


Article 9The Treasurer reports to the Chair, the Secretary, and the technical lead at least once per quarter and yearly at the AGM to all members present. The accounts are available for review by any member at any time.


Article 10The York Shodokan Aikido Club can be dissolved by a unanimous vote at the AGM. In such event, all remaining moneys and assets will be given to Cancer Research UK.