·      All Aikido club members must be licenced by the SAUK and insured by the BAB.

·      All new starters (adults, students and juniors) must pay the annual licence fee of £10 on their first night.  This is a legal oblogation for all club members, even beginners however the next 2 training sessions are free

·      All existing club members renewing after 1 year of training will pay a £20 annual licence fee.

Training Fees:

·      Adults: You have a choice of £30 per month paid by Direct Debit or £7 per individual session.  We run 12 classes per month so it works out at only £2.5 per session if you pay monthly and are able to train at all 12 sessions.  The monthly option is still the most efficient option if you can make 5 or more sessions per month.

·      University Students: £20 per month by Direct Debit. That works out at less than £1.70 per session if you can make all 12 session in a month

·      Juniors: £10 for first child and £5 for each extra sibling per month

Grading Fees:

·      Grading fees vary depending on the level of grading being undertaken. Please check with an instructor for costs.